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Aug. 24th, 2011 05:31 pm
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Cissie is about to graduate from college (I'm open to suggestions as to which one.) After her finals, which she will be taking once she returns from the Thanksgiving Break, she will be graduating early with a degree in business/sports management. She has really enjoyed her experiences speaking to kids, and after the way her own mother handled her early career she wants to make a difference in young people's lives. She misses her friends in the Titans, and has made up her mind that she can't put off confronting her father any longer. It still makes her queasy to think about, but she has decided to move to San Francisco, start a business coaching kids, and introduce herself, for real, to Oliver Queen. Now that she's made the decision, she needs to get it off her chest or she will be way too distracted to take those finals. A quick phone call garnered her an invite to Thanksgiving with her old friend Cassie Sansmark and her mother. Cassie's Mom is out buying the cranberries they forgot when they went to the store the day before, and the two friends are busy working on the rest of the trimmings while they wait for the turkey to finish in the oven. 

"Thanks again for having me Cassie. I usually spend this one alone and giving thanks that I managed to dodge spending it with Mom." Cissie gives a little laugh, but there is obviously something going unsaid. She wouldn't be here if she didn't want to talk, but now that the time has come she clearly doesn't know how to get started.


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